About Us

Castle Food Equipment is a used restaurant equipment dealer based in San Antonio, TX, working primarily with large companies all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Most of our food equipment is in "like new" condition and after researching comparable competitor pricing, we are proud to offer the lowest price on our restaurant equipment for sale. We will always offer our equipment at a better price than you would find at auction.

Purchasing used restaurant equipment on an auction or liquidation site

Most buyers tend to trust auction sites more because they know where the equipment is coming from such as HEB, SAMS Club, Walmart. In the end, even though they are paying double for the equipment without any guarantee that it is working, they feel they are getting a better deal because they are buying a piece of equipment that came from a well-known business.

How to Find the Best Used Restaurant Equipment

What are you waiting for? We are here to break that trend and show that our small restaurant equipment business, based in San Antonio, TX offers the reliability you need when making this large purchase. We are always happy to allow customers to inspect and even test the restaurant equipment and machines prior to purchasing to assure the buyer that it is in good working condition. We are here to help you find the best used restaurant equipment for your business at the right price. Browse our site to see what we have in stock, check out our FAQs to have your questions answered or get in touch with us to get started!