Is used restaurant equipment realiable?

Yes, used equipment can be just as realiable as new equipment. We sell most of our equipment in working condition, and we always encourage the buyer to be proactive and inspect the equipment prior to purchase. Typically with used equipement the buyer may need to make a few minor repairs or order a few parts so that the machine can work efficiently, even with the repairs and parts the customer is still saving a significant amount of money as oppsed to buying new and paying triple the cost of a used machine.

How do I choose the right restaurant equipment for my business?

Staring your own business is stressful and at times can be a very confusing process. It is best to consider what your busines goals are and then map out how you would like to acheive those goals. Do you want to bake fresh bread each day or get its shipped in to make time and space for a different operation on site? Do you need a lot of storage to stock up or would you prefer to create fresh items each day? Seeking advice from an industry professional can help guide you in the right direction.

If you are looking to open your own coffee shop, restaurant, bakery, meat market, or supermarket please contact us and we can provide you with a general list of basic equipment needed to get your business moving.

Can I inspect the equipment before purchase?

You are welcome to inspect the equipment on site, you are responsible for bringing any material needed for testing the machines. You are responsible for any and all damages to the equipment or property that may result from recklessness or not properly using the machines. Please contact us beforehand so that we may be sure all equipment is easily assecible.

Do you refurbish the equipment?

No, all our equipment is sold as is. We do not replace, fix, or alter the equipment in any way. All are equipment is used and sold as is without warranty or gurantee of any kind.

Where can I sell you my used restaurant equipment?

If you are looking to sell your restaurant equipment, we ask that you please email clear pictures along with a list of all the items for sale and someone from our team will contact you for further details.

Do you recycle?

We work with many companies in Texas to dispose and remove equipment. If you need equipment removed from your business or property please contact us.

Do you offer a warranty on the equipment?

We do not offer any type of warranty, refund, or returns on any equipment we sell. All our equipment is used and sold as is. We are not mechanics or certified technicians and do not test, fix, or replace parts on any of our equipment.

What is your shipping policy?

The customer/buyer is responsible for all shipping cost and arrangements. We do not arrange shipping. We require three days notice prior to any items/equipment being shipped.